Lawn Care

  • Complete Lawn Care Programs
  • Top Dressing Organic Compost
  • White Grub Management
  • Core Aeration
  • Weed Control
  • Mechanical Overseeding
  • Gypsum (Soil Conditioning and Salt Damage)
  • Lawn Renovations

Tree Care

  • Deep Root Fertilizing
  • Insecticide Applications

Advantages of using Our Services

  • Effective, guaranteed results for a beautiful, healthy lawn
  • Fast, Friendly service
  • Saves you time (for family, golf, cottage, etc.)
  • No concentrated materials to use and store
  • Flexibility of program applications
  • Concern for family, pets & property

The Importance of Core Aeration

Aeration is the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. Roots need air, as well as water and other nutrients for growth. A core aerator will mechanically remove thousands of plugs containing thatch and soil from the lawn. These small cores will dissolve during rainfall, with the micro organisms in the cores helping to decompose the upper surface of the thatch layer.

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Aeration helps make everything else we do, work even better!

The benefits of aeration’s Naturally occurring processes are:

  • Improved turf grass rooting
  • Enhanced heat and drought tolerance
  • Improved thatch breakdown
  • Enhanced soil water uptake
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and benefit
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Overall improvement of lawn’s health and vigor

If you think he’s ugly, wait ’til you see what he can do to your lawn.

He’ll kill it. Grubs destroy grass by eating the roots, leaving nothing but dead patches on your lawn. Fortunately, Future Lawn can effectively manage the infestation with white grub treatments.

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Based out of Hanover, Ontario, providing lawn care and weed control for all of Grey-Bruce Counties and the Lake Huron Shoreline, as well as In ground sprinkler systems provided by Platinum Irrigation and complete landscaping by Ground Effects Landscapes.