• white-grub

    White Grubs

    White Grubs are the larvae of the European Chafer Beetle. When the eggs hatch white grub immediately target your lawns root system. Out of sight they slowly destroy your lawn from below while animals like birds and skunks dig holes from the top looking to eat them. White Grub treatment is included in...

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  • chinch-bug

    Chinch Bug

    Chinch Bugs kill turf by injecting toxic fluids into plants as they feed. As they feed throughout the summer, they cause the most damage in August when the weather is hot and dry. Chinch bugs appear in mid May when they move from their winter homes to lay eggs. The feeding usually results in withered...

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  • leather-jacket

    Leather Jacket

    Leather Jacket (the larvae stage of Crane Fly) feed on the roots of your grass causing yellow patches. A female crane fly can lay up to 300 eggs, newly hatched leather jackets feed in April and September. Leather jackets can be found crawling on roadways, side walks and driveways.      ...

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  • made

    All Natural Fertilizer

    Future Lawn & Garden’s All Natural Fertilizer is an exclusive blend developed to feed your lawn and soil in a purely natural way. Nitrogen is produced from all natural sources. Benefits of this product include excellent residual colour and density with slow even growth. With a very low salt...

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